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This is our Daddy!

Daddy doesn't let Mommy take his picture very often so this might be the only picture Mommy puts up here but this is one of her favorites when they were dating! The puppy is my late grama Paige's, her name is Kitty. Grama is funny for naming her that isn't she!!! LOL!

When Daddy isn't hard at work, he likes to mostly play video games on the computer (sometimes he lets me "help" him!). He also enjoys hunting small game and deer with both a bow and rifle, fishes , target practices, does reloading his own ammunition (whatever that means!), and enjoys walks in the woods.

More of Daddy interests include Pink Floyd music, and mainly any 70's classic rock, Peanut Butter cup icecream, Mt. Dew, mexican food, and building web pages! He is always teaching Mommy something new on the computer!

Clyde- 2 yrs old bbbThis is Daddy when he was a little boy!

Clyde- 1994

This picture is before I was born, when Mommy and Daddy were dating!