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Emilee's Beanie Collection!

 Emilee loves her kitties!!!

Mommy started collecting Beanies for me before I was born! This kittie, Snip, was my first beanie that mom got as a shower gift for me.


Since then she has collected other beanie kitties for me! These are pictures of which ones we have! There names are Pounce, Prance and Chip are the plain house cats; then we have Freckles the leopard.

Chip the Calico Kittybb Pounce the Brown KittybbPrance the Grey Striped KittybbFreckles the Leopard

Mommy got me a new beanie!!! My newest one is Canyon the Cougar! Isn't he cute????

Canyon the Cougar

Mommy also got me a Ty Pillow Pal which looks like my first beanie Snip, but this one's name is Meow! Isn't she soft and cuddly???

Meow the Pillow Pal