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Welcome to Emilee's Little Corner!!!

Emilee 11 mths

This is my sweet baby Emilee! She is now eleven months old and a real handful!!! She is a complete opposite of her brother!!! She gets around very good in her walker and puts her hands on and into everything! Crawling faster than lightening and starting to walk around furniture a bit using one hand to balance.She is always trying to get in the garbage or in the cupboards!!!!! She is eating all kinds of baby food now and some big people's food. On May 5, Em got her first two teeth, the two bottom ones!! YEAH EMILEE!!! lol! Now she has four more up top. And is always grinding them:-) She is a very good natured baby even though she is into everything and most of the time can be caught laughing her head off at her big brothers antics! Emilee loves to watch the Teletubbies and play with her beanie kitty collection. She can play patty cake now and wave bye bye. She also says Momma, Bye Bye, Da Da, Ty-la, Bro-da, PaPa and Baa Baa. She is growing up fast!

Emilee's Stats



19 inches long

6 lbs. 15.7 oz.

1 month old

2 months old

3 months old

4 months old

6 months old

27 3/4 inches long

19 lbs. 6 oz.

9 months old

28 1/2 inches long

22 lbs., 3 oz.