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Emilee just 6 days old!!!

Emilee just 6 days old in the neonatal department in hospital

Emilee 8 days old!

Emilee 8 days old at Tyler's 4th Birthday Party

This is my sweet baby girl Emilee! She was born August 19, 1998 and her birth stats are in the table below! Emilee surprised us all by coming three weeks and four days early! I was sitting and sleeping in the recliner in the living room when my water broke! Surprised the heck out of me because with Tyler I was induced I never had my water break! So anyways I woke up my hubby and said I think my water just broke but it says in this book to call your doctor and you might still not go into labor right away. So I told him to go back to sleep and I would call my mom who was my lamaze coach and we would go up to the hospital...if anything happened we would call! Well, by the time we reached the hospital I was having hard contractions, we live in the country and the hospital is 45 minutes away! My contractions were pretty hard and about five minutes apart...they rushed me right in, and to make a long story short I had her about 6 hours later! In between that time was alot of heavy breathin, back labor and whirlpool tub:))) Sounds like fun??? Since she was so early she had to stay in the neonatal unit of the hospital for her first week, which was really tough on us all.