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This is my very bestest bud in the whole world:-) Heather a/k/a Amy (LMAO!!! Just kiddin Heather!) is also my fourth cousin, did I get that right?

Here is some pics of her from my photo album!!!

Heather as a youngin'

This is a youngin' Heather, not sure on the age though!

Heathers Grad Pic '92

This is about the time I started getting reaquainted with Heather, the weekend she graduated from high school, I went downstate to it and we partied our booties off!! LOL!

Me and Heather with our kids in '95.....Heather and Dilyn '95

Heather and I with our kids back in 1995, we both only had one then:-) Little did we know we would both later have little hellion girls:) !!!!!

Heather and Jordyn '97 at Tylers 3rd BDay Party

This is Heathers other little one, Jordyn. This was taken at Tyler's 3rd Birthday Party up north

Heather and her kids at My baby shower for Emilee '98

This is the most recent one of Heather and the kids I have, it was taken at my baby shower for Emilee, July 1998