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My Buddy and Cousin Samantha!

Samantha and I, summer of 1976

I have known Samantha from the moment she was born. She is my first cousin and four years younger so I used to babysit her and things, which was kinda weird babysitting your best friend!!! LOL!

Samantha and I with kids 1996.....Samantha  and I and kids 1997

Samantha and I after motherhood!!! Still both had one more baby each to go tho!!! The first one if from the summer of 1996, and the next is the summer after

Tyler, Emilee, Austin, Nicole

These are our kids, from left to right, Tyler, Emilee, Austin and Coley . We had their pics taken together for our grama for Mothers Day. At the time these were all of her great grandkids

Samantha and I at Glamour Shots

Samantha and I at Glamour Shots:-)