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ME!!! REESE!!!

This is all about me so you can check out if I sound like a person you might wanna chat with!!!


Well My names Reese, I am 27/f from northern Michigan.

I do some work as a freelance photographer, not huge in pay but I love it!

I enjoy hangin out with my friends, water sports, watching football and hockey on tv.

Some of my favorites also include watching Monty Python (LOOOOOOVE ALL THOSE MOVIES!!!) :-), going out dancing, and love a huge wide variety of music:-). Music includes everything from Metallica to Backstreet Boys to Brooks n Dunn to Kenny G to Kid Rock!!!! Hows that for a screwed up selection??? LOL!!!


Sounds like someone you might wanna chat with???

My ICQ # is 44896241

My Aol Instant Messenger Handle is TRosia2


Get ahold of me!!! :-)