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Here is our Mommy!

Mommy, Tyler and Emilee

This is our Mommy, that did this great site for us!!!! In this picture (taken Feb. '99) Mommy was a bridesmaid in our cousin Samantha's wedding and I was a ring bearer, Mommy dressed Emilee like us for the picture!

Mommy's hobbies are playing with us, taking us to the park and beach, taking pictures, scrapbooking and anything to do with the water!!! You name it, boating, canoeing, swimming, water rides at amusement parks......maybe she's a fish??? LOL!

Mommy also likes the color purple (can you tell?), Monty Python movies, Brooks & Dunn, comedy sitcoms like Drew Carey (she even dressed up like Mimi one Halloween, how embarrassing!), Diet Pepsi, Sobe Black Tea, collecting watermelon stuff and Eeyore stuff, and the actor Nicolas Cage. She also loves most 80's music!


Mommy as a babybbbThis is Mommy when she was a tiny baby

Mommy 1995

This one is Mommy at Glamour Shots in 1995